Sunflower as an oilseed is very popular today. Annual plant has a high plasticity, which allows it to grow in different climatic conditions.

Natural conditions in the territory of the Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia Respublika allow to successfully grow this type of agricultural industrial raw materials, as well as engage in export-oriented activities.

This representative of the family of difficult color has a powerful rhizomatous system, a multi-flowered basket with fruits - seeds. The best breeding varieties give about 45% of seed oil, in the core this percentage is much higher. In addition, the sunflower is a good honey plant.

Where Used

There are several types of sunflower used for different purposes. Annual sunflower is the most popular for today raw materials. It is purchased by the food industry for the production of sunflower oil and margarine, sunflower seeds, halva, sweets. From sunflower make tinctures for medical purposes. For forage purposes, usually used meal plants, as well as silage, meal, haylage, chaff and threshed baskets. The technical industry buys sunflower for technical purposes: the production of paint and varnish products, paper and potash.

The corny view of sunflower ranks second after one-year for use in production. The industry uses it for feed purposes (animal feed, silage, tubers and haylage), for the food industry (coffee is used as a substitute for coffee, inulin and molasses, chips). Also used for land reclamation purposes. Other types of sunflower are most often used for decorative purposes.

Lender Agroprim

The economy of Transnistria is characterized by a whole complex of factors. The agricultural industry has at its disposal highly fertile soils and agroclimatic potential. The high concentration of the population allows to produce grain, industrial and oilseeds, both for domestic sales and for export. Our company is engaged in the cultivation and sale of sunflower.

Sunflower seeds are represented by seeds of varieties and hybrids of Russian and European production: MARBELLA CL, FUSHIA CL, KLARIKA CL, PARAISO 102CL, LG 56.35, Duet, Alvaris, Goldini, Dobrynya.