Seeds of alfalfa

The annual plant of the legume family is today a popular sowing crop. May be found in nature in the wild.

The cultivated species of alfalfa has a strong root system, branched stems that form a shrub and inflorescences of blue hue. The fruit of alfalfa seed is considered to be a multi-seeded bean, which has a brown or brown color.

Different types of alfalfa when ripe have fruits of different shapes. Alfalfa seeds have a hard shell, small, oval-kidney-shaped. The leaves of the plant and its beans (seeds) are rich in various elements. They contain: calcium, phosphorus, carbohydrates of different groups, fats and proteins, essential oils, carotene, alkaloids, pectins and saponins, chlorophyll and tertirpinoids.

Where Used

Such a legume crop as alfalfa is grown mainly for the subsequent sale of the production of feed for livestock. Alfalfa and its seeds are useful food for many animals. It is used as green fodder, hay and for grazing animals.

Cultivated alfalfa is also no less popular in the medical and medicinal field. Its features allow it to be used for the production of drugs for the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, metabolic disorders, to improve the condition of the blood, etc. Alfalfa seeds are also used in perfumery chemistry: from the phytoconcentrates of alfalfa make care cosmetics. Alfalfa seeds have anti-cancer properties, remove harmful substances from the body.

About Company

Lender Agroprim grows alfalfa, sells its seed in the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. The production of grain, industrial and oil crops is carried out on the latest technical base.

Our company has 9300 hectares of land at its disposal. Our employees annually grow rich harvests, improve the properties of crops, and control all agro-technological processes. The company sells grain crops in the region and exports.

Alfalfa seed is represented by European-grade seeds: Romani.