Our company allocates for sowing industrial crops about 33% of the total area owned by the company. Flax oil - a very valuable crop, the second most popular after sunflower.

In the PMR, Lender Agroprim is engaged in, growing, harvesting and marketing flax. Our products - №1 in the region. Bulk purchases and sales of agricultural products for export.

What is made from flax

In industry, flax fiber is made from this industrial crop, and linen is made from it. Short flax fiber and waste are used for the production of cottonin. Flax make a surgical thread and cotton wool, dressing means. Flax seed processing product is flaxseed oil.

The merits of culture

Economic value. High yield makes the culture popular and most paid back among all others. Of all oilseeds, flax has always been valued dearly in both domestic and international markets. Oilseed Flax is an economically profitable and profitable crop.

Agrotechnical features. Early sowing and a very short period of vegetation of flax contribute to the beneficial conduct of the agricultural process. The soil after harvesting this crop is ready for sowing crops of the first group. In the process of growing the plant is not subject to attack by pests. The soil remains clean, free from pesticides and suitable for planting other crops.

Technological advantages. Harvesting in the short term helps to avoid losses. The stability of the plant makes it possible not to hurry with the collection of culture, to use harvesting equipment rationally.

Where to buy flax

Lender Agroprim is engaged in the cultivation of various grains, industrial and oilseeds. Today, the flax industry focuses more on oil than on spinning. Our company has permission to carry out agricultural work. We are engaged in the sale of environmentally friendly raw materials to large customers from Europe.