Agrarian sector of the Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia Respublika annually increases the production of the second group of grain. Lander Agroprim grows and sells corn in the region.

For 11 years, the company's specialists have been using the agricultural traditions of Transnistria in conjunction with innovative agro-industrial technologies to produce a high-yielding product.

Lander Agroprim Benefits

The company ranks first in the market for agricultural products.

Over the years, our company has formed a specialized infrastructure that is aimed at increasing production.

Corn Growing

Lands of the company used for sowing and growing corn correspond to all parameters. Of the seven types of corn in the region are engaged in the cultivation of three: the popular sugar, siliceous and dent corn. Each of these species is different in color and grain size, taste, maturation and storage.

Canneries usually buy dairy varieties of corn, varieties that are stored for a long time, usually bought by the food industry. The principle of growing different varieties of corn has the same algorithm, but depending on the variety, it is complemented by various nuances.

For what and for whom corn is grown

High fertility soils and favorable agro-climatic conditions combine to produce a rich corn crop. An annual herbaceous cultivated plant is characterized by increased nutritional value, since it contains many nutrients and trace elements, amino acids. Corn ranks second in the ranking of the sales of grain crops in the world.

In the food industry, corn is used in various forms. Heat-treated grains are widely used in cooking, corn flour is used for the manufacture of cereals, used in baking. Also sometimes used in brewing. Corn is a popular type of animal feed. Grain crops are usually grown for silage and have high yields. The use of corn for medicinal purposes is known.

Corn seed is represented by seeds of European hybrids: GS 370,500, GASTI CS, KAMPONI CS, LG 30.500, ADEVEY.