The herbaceous plant of the legume family is commonly used as food and feed crops. Annual cereal has a simple or branching stem. The fruit of a self-pollinating plant is a bean of various forms. It depends on the pea variety and its yield.

The best seeds are the fruits of brain varieties. Since peas are cold-resistant vegetables, the process of growing them is much easier. Planting begins in early spring, then during the harvest, the harvest pleases with its wealth.

Culture is collected in the middle of summer. Fruit harvesting occurs several times, depending on the time of ripening of the fruit. Pea seeds are then sold depending on the purpose of production: the peas are sent to the food industry in a fresh, dry, frozen form.

Production Culture

Most often, peas are purchased and used by the food industry. Fresh and canned peas have received widespread use in cooking. The production of semi-finished products is also most often used frozen for the manufacture of products. Dry peas are used in the food sector as an independent food product, they are used to make offal.

Feed peas are one of the main grain crops in the PMR. It is used for feeding farm animals and poultry. Green mass of peas can be used as a feed for animals. In other species, the legume plant also has a demand in agriculture: straw, hay, and chaff. It is known that starch obtained from pea kernels can be used in the production of bioplastics.

Advantages of our company

Lender Agroprim allocates for sowing and for the production of this legume culture 1% of the total amount of land occupied in agriculture. Our company has been engaged in the cultivation and marketing of various crops in the region for more than 10 years. The best equipment is used in production, the best specialists are involved in the agrotechnical work.

The seed of pea is represented by European-grade seeds: "ABARTH".