Barley is a grain cereal popular in the agricultural field. Known as the most ancient species of cultivated plants. Used for technical purposes, in the manufacture of food products and as feed. Annual herb is known for its precocity and high productivity. Today, two-row, multi-row and intermediate types of barley are known. In addition, according to the method of sowing barley is divided into:

  • Winter (not afraid of frost, sowing quickly);
  • Spring (drought tolerant, resistant to high temperatures).

The food industry uses barley as a material for cereals (barley and barley), for grinding into flour (baking purposes), for making beer. For the hop beverage, two-row barley of the highest quality, soft, low in film and high in carbohydrates is usually used. Barley is made from coffee substitute. In some countries, flour is baked from flour.

Such a grain, both for home and factory, should have a high endosperm - the main criterion for the preparation of quality malt. The European brewing tradition recognizes barley as the main and most important beer ingredient. This grain is valued on the market is expensive.

Barley for fodder is indispensable for monogastric animals. Green shoots of barley are also used in agricultural activities (as feed for livestock). Also, grain is necessary for proper nutrition of horses and pigs.

Why is Lender Agroprim?

Small farms grow barley with other annual crops. Large farms sow plants of the same species. Our company allocates 60% of the land for sowing of grain such as: barley and wheat. In the Transnistrian region, our company is one of the largest agricultural producers. Sowing, processing, cultivation and collection of all crops is carried out using modern technology, under the guidance of qualified staff.

The total number of wheat varieties reaches twenty varieties. Baking flour is made from soft wheat varieties (thin and hollow stem, mealy glassy grains). Solid varieties (thick-walled stalk, small hard grain of yellow or brown color) are intended for cereals and flour for pasta.

Barley seed is represented by the seeds of the variety: "The Ninth Wave" of the Odessa Selection and Genetic Institute.